Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment NYC

throw that razor away.

We are proud to offer cutting-edge laser technology using the Cutera Excel HR System for removal of unwanted hair anywhere on your body and with two different technologies at our disposal we are able to treat all skin types safely and effectively. Let’s get you started in anticipation of showing off your clean smooth body now.

How about my skin color? We have the safest technology to treat all skin types and color. We only ask that you come in for treatment without any recent tanning as this pigmentation is very superficial in the skin and difficult to treat through, thus creating the risk of a burn or blister.We can truly treat the fairest skin and the darkest skin all with great safety and effectiveness.


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Just a Few Benefits of Cutera Excel HR System for Laser Hair Removal

safest technology
treats any area of the body
treats all skin types
fda approved technology
most pleasant for treatment type
we are experienced with dark skin

Is it painful?

Pain thresholds vary a lot based on the person and the location. We control a significant portion of the discomfort with our superchilled cooling tips. Our state of the art sapphire chilled tips really make the difference. For delicate areas, application of a numbing cream about 30 minutes before treatment can be of benefit. When energy is delivered correctly into the follicle there will be small goosebumps surrounding each hair follicle at the end of treatment. These fade within an hour or so.

what are the results?

These systems are FDA approved for hair reduction. Over the years we have found very good clearing and control for years after the treatment series. Over a lifetime there are actually new hair follicles appearing in hair-bearing areas, but ones that have been treated are gone for good. Repeat treatments are usually only for those new stragglers that appear over time. Individual results may vary so please schedule a consultation with our team today.


DeAnna G.

Amazing bedside manner, always listens and has an amazing staff.


Dr Brown always makes you feel at ease & takes good care of her patients.

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She’s always taken great care of me. Very personable and encouraging. I always feel like more than a patient during my appointments.

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I liked the friendly, professional care I received.

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Dr Brown is the best around! I couldn’t imagine trusting anyone else with the delivery of my 3 children or with my health.

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I was treated for my condition and Dr Brown followed up with me to see how I was doing.

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Great providers and friendly staff. I love the new aesthetic options that are now offered in office!

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I love it here best doctor I have found yet.

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No long wait. Questions answered.

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Dr. Brown is the BEST doctor I’ve ever had the experience of meeting. I have crazy bad anxiety and she helped me work through it and believed in me. She not only helps your body but also your mind. She really cares about every single one of her patients.

Mary F.

I accepted an invitation to a special open house about the Juliet treatment. It was a relaxed, very informative evening. I have had the Juliet treatments and I am quite satisfied with the results. Thank you Dr. Brown for such an innovative, less invasive treatment!!

Barbara D.

Dr. Brown is always concerned about her patient and she always takes the time to listen. Its hard to find a Dr.that takes time for you and Dr Brown is one that will.

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Very friendly, cares about patients need and wants, i feel very comfortable and happy every visit!

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Everyone is very nice and Dr Brown is the best doctor for everything.

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Dr Brown and all her staff are always so polite sweet and caring. They all take their time with you and dont rush you on your way. If one of her staff members or a member at the hospital she would do a surgery on you are disrespectful to you she takes care of that very quickly. Im very blessed to have her as one of my doctors and well our my daughters blessed going to her as well. Blessed God sent us her to be in our lives not just as our doctor but a friend as well. Thank You Dr. Brown for all you have done to help us and continue too and for taking time with us always. God Bless.

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Everyone in the office is always nice and always professional!

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