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We provide services for weight loss and weight management to help you achieve your goals and get the body that you’re looking for.

We understand that being overweight affects your health and wellbeing, so we offer a more complete service to improve your overall health. At Luxury Aesthetics, we strive to comprehend how certain conditions affect you, and provide you with different treatments that will make you feel better with your image and enhance your natural beauty.

Luxury Aesthetics provides medical support, advice, education, and treatment options to help you on your weight loss journey. We focus not only on the medical support needed but understand that this journey represents more than that, and we are committed to your general wellbeing. We can guide you on changing your lifestyle and habits to help you achieve the body that you want.

To start on this journey, we will do a complete evaluation of your medical history and BMI, body mass index, before seeing if a weight management plan is working for you. This should lead to significant weight loss. At Luxury Aesthetics, you don’t need to attend to multiple doctors as we provide many services and can help you improve your lifestyle and wellbeing.

Alongside weight management, we offer different services related to aesthetics that can make you feel more confident and enhance your natural beauty.

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What causes Obesity?

Obesity is a treatable disease that is a global health problem associated with excess body fat. It is caused by genetic and environmental factors and can be difficult to control through diet alone. Obesity is diagnosed by a health care provider and classified as having a BMI of 30 or higher.

What can be done to treat Obesity?

At Luxury Aesthetics, we offer different services that first assess your health and wellbeing to give you the options that will work best for you. The plan includes treatments that will help you achieve your goals and lead to significant weight loss.

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Which hormones are affected by Obesity?

Fat cells produce hormones, so-called adipokines, that stimulate or inhibit cell growth. For example, leptin, which is more common in obesity, appears to promote cell growth, while adiponectin, which is less common in obesity, may have growth inhibitory effects.


DeAnna G.

Amazing bedside manner, always listens and has an amazing staff.


Dr Brown always makes you feel at ease & takes good care of her patients.

Rachel K.

She’s always taken great care of me. Very personable and encouraging. I always feel like more than a patient during my appointments.

Kerry W.

I liked the friendly, professional care I received.

Erika H.

Dr Brown is the best around! I couldn’t imagine trusting anyone else with the delivery of my 3 children or with my health.

Renee B.

I was treated for my condition and Dr Brown followed up with me to see how I was doing.

Brooke O.

Great providers and friendly staff. I love the new aesthetic options that are now offered in office!

Stephanie E.

I love it here best doctor I have found yet.

Virginia R.

No long wait. Questions answered.

Ruthie G.

Dr. Brown is the BEST doctor I’ve ever had the experience of meeting. I have crazy bad anxiety and she helped me work through it and believed in me. She not only helps your body but also your mind. She really cares about every single one of her patients.

Mary F.

I accepted an invitation to a special open house about the Juliet treatment. It was a relaxed, very informative evening. I have had the Juliet treatments and I am quite satisfied with the results. Thank you Dr. Brown for such an innovative, less invasive treatment!!

Barbara D.

Dr. Brown is always concerned about her patient and she always takes the time to listen. Its hard to find a Dr.that takes time for you and Dr Brown is one that will.

Shalena S.

Very friendly, cares about patients need and wants, i feel very comfortable and happy every visit!

Linda K.

Everyone is very nice and Dr Brown is the best doctor for everything.

Deanna M.

Dr Brown and all her staff are always so polite sweet and caring. They all take their time with you and dont rush you on your way. If one of her staff members or a member at the hospital she would do a surgery on you are disrespectful to you she takes care of that very quickly. Im very blessed to have her as one of my doctors and well our my daughters blessed going to her as well. Blessed God sent us her to be in our lives not just as our doctor but a friend as well. Thank You Dr. Brown for all you have done to help us and continue too and for taking time with us always. God Bless.

Melissa L.

Everyone in the office is always nice and always professional!

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